What to Expect: Nutrition

What To Expect At Your Consultation

Many people who are seeking nutritional advice or are dealing with endocrine problems such as hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue or hormonal imbalances, have been dealing with their health issues for a long time and sometimes have been trying other types of treatments for quite some time. At our office, we understand the frustration and despair this can result in.

The following is our commitment to you:

  • It is our intent to help each patient on their individual path to wellness by using the method that is the best suited to that patient and their particular health challenges. We strive to keep expenses as low as possible and do only what is necessary to give you the quality healthcare you deserve.
  • There are many approaches to treating non-emergency types of health issues and all of them are valid options, however, Dr. Thompson practices within the holistic paradigm. This paradigm states that the body is an intelligent, intricately designed organism that is striving to maintain balance, homeostasis and optimal wellness with the resources it is given. Dr. Thompson’s aim is not to interfere with your body’s processes, but to aid it by giving it any resources (nutrients) it may be missing and helping you to identify and remove those habits, toxins or other foreign invaders that may be interfering with or hampering the healing process.

  • We encourage everyone to seek the type of healthcare treatment that they need and do not wish to interfere with any specific treatment prescribed or recommended by another healthcare professional. However, not all other forms of healthcare are compatible with those that Dr. Thompson recommends.

  • Healing takes time, a commitment to follow a plan and the knowledge that becoming the healthiest person you can be is your greatest gift to the world and your loved ones. The amount of time it takes to heal is directly proportional to how long your health issues have been there, how old you are and how serious the health issues have become.

  • True, lasting wellness is a body-mind-spirit endeavor and we are committed to assisting our patients in addressing all aspects of their health.

New Patient Forms

Click on the link below to go to our Comprehensive Functional Nutrition Consultation new patient intake form. It is an interactive form and must be completed at least 3 days prior to your appointment so that the doctor has time to review your information and prepare for your visit. Please gather any recent blood lab or other diagnostic test results and send them by email to cthompson@whole-health.net or drop them by our office a few days before your visit. (Note: please understand that email is not a secure method of sending sensitive information.)

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