I have been following all my trusted sources for the best way to combat this new coronavirus and prepare your immune system to do battle. Besides my knowledge of human physiology, my sources are: the Institute for Functional Medicine, Mark Hyman, MD, Deitrch Klinghardt, MD, PhD, research and studies from the supplements manufacturers I rely on, plus a variety of trusted health resources.

After you read the following recommendations, please scroll down for a list of my recommended supplements.

Powerful Action Steps to Gear Up Your Immune System to Avoid COVID-19:

  1. Eliminate refined sugar from your diet!!! I can’t stress this enough. Sugar suppresses your immune system for hours after ingestion … and at a time when you need it to be functioning at its very best.
  2. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. This will help to alkalize your system. Coronavirus, and all viruses, do not like to live in alkalinity!
  3. Take probiotics and eat fermented vegetables. Most of your immune system resides in your colon and you need your healthy bacterial flora to have a healthy immune system.
  4. Get Adequate Sleep. Your immune system can’t function properly on too little sleep. Period.
  5. Reduce and manage your stress. Stress depletes the immune system over time and causes digestive and other problems that leads to over-reaction of the immune system and the types of complications we are seeing with the serious cases of COVID-19
  6. Exercise and sweat regularly to help remove toxins, reduce stress and stimulate your natural healing mechanisms.
  7. Keep the humidity in your home above 43%. It has become clear through scientific studies that higher humidity reduces the transmission of viruses (and hopefully this coronavirus) and causes viruses to become inactive within minutes. This is from the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Get a humidity monitor and use a humidifier.
  8. Use an infrared sauna to mimic a fever and stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanism against coronavirus…and all viruses.
  9. Use saline sinus washes or sprays. If you have been in a potentially infected area, use colloidal silver nasal spray. (See my recommendations below.)
  10. Take your immune boosting supplements. Now is the time to use all the firepower we have against this new coronavirus. See my list below for the specific supplements I recommend.

Supplements for Immune Strength

The following represents recommendations by leading holistic health experts combined with my knowledge of the best quality supplement manufacturers.

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): 2000 mg per day of Vitamin C plus Calcium and Magnesium to help with absorption and transmission. While ascorbic acid is not a whole food supplement, it provides research supported short-term boost of antioxidants for cellular protection and virus fighting. This can be continued for up to 3 to 4 months.
  • Zinc: 10 to 50 mg per day. Many people are deficient in zinc, which has strong anti-viral properties and is necessary for proper immune function.
  • Quercetin: 500 – 1000 mg per day. Quercetin is found in many fruits and vegetables and has been found to decrease viral growth.
  • Andrographis: An herb that has had remarkable results with other similar coronaviruses during past outbreaks. It helps the body mount an immune response to an immediate threat.
  • Vitamin D3: 2000 – 10,000 IU per day. Vitamin D3 is a critical component of immune response, reduces viral growth and reduces upper respiratory infections.
  • Glutathione:  The body’s most potent antioxidant, necessary for proper immune function, cellular protection and repair.
  • Megasporebiotic:  A spore probiotic proven to help stimulate the growth and balance of proper bacterial flora in the colon, plus stimulate the production of glutathione..
  • Argentyn 23 Silver Hydrosol Nasal Spray:  Silver nanoparticles are an effective antiviral agent and when used as a nasal spray can eliminate recent exposure to an inhaled virus.

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