With all the supplements and vitamins available on the market, how do you know what’s right for you?

We carry high-quality, whole food supplements by Standard Process and MediHerb that are available only through qualified healthcare professionals. With this month’s focus on diabetes, I’d like to highlight two supplements that support blood sugar and the pancreas. In this blog I cover what these products do and why you might choose these over others.

Diaplex from Standard Process
Whole food supplement for blood sugar and pancreas support

What this product does:

  1. Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  2. Supports the healthy function of the pancreas
  3. Supports healthy bowel function
  4. Encourages healthy gallbladder function
  5. Contains a combination of key ingredients that include digestive enzymes, liver support, pancreas support

What is different about this product?
Why should you purchase this one rather than something online or at your favorite store?

  1. Standard Process uses whole foods grown on their certified organic farm that has been operating since the 1930’s
  2. Standard Process organ support (Diaplex supports the pancreas) are unique, specialized formulations that provide what the organ needs for repair and rejuvenation
  3. Standard Process thoroughly tests all their products throughout production for accurate and pure ingredients
  4. When not using their own organically grown produce, Standard Process selects only the cleanest, purest sources available

Gymnema from MediHerb

Herbal extract for blood sugar and pancreas support

What this product does:

  1. Reduces sugar cravings
  2. Helps the beta cells of the pancreas produce normal amounts of insulin
  3. Promotes healthy absorption of glucose from the intestines
  4. Helps maintain normal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood

Why should you purchase MediHerb Gymnema instead of one available from other companies?

  1. MediHerb is widely known for its commitment to quality
  2. The label states exactly how much of the gymnemic acids each tablet contains, and MediHerb tests to assure the gymnemic acids are retained throughout manufacture
  3. It is manufactured in Australia to the high standards of the international pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice
  4. The raw materials and finished product are subjected to tough quality standards, including use of the latest and most relevant chemical analysis methods

Credits: Photo by Standard Process of “Buckwheat grown on the Standard Process certified organic farm.” Text overlay added by author.

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