We carry a number of supplement products to assist in keeping your immune system healthy and fighting off illness during the holidays and other stressful times.

  • Echinacea, prepared properly and using the correct species is an invaluable tool for keeping the immune system strong during stressful times. We use only Echinacea made by companies committed to quality and supported by research.
  • Probiotics help to keep your colon protected and functioning properly so that your immune cells can populate and do their job. Most of your immune system resides in your colon. The probiotics we use contain varied and proven strains that are able to withstand stomach acid to be able to colonize the colon.
  • Garlic contains certain naturally occurring chemicals that have been shown to support a healthy immune system. These components must be properly processed to assure the body’s ability to use them, so we use only garlic products produced by companies that assure this quality and effectiveness.
  • Andrographis and Astragalus are two more herbs that have been shown to be powerful in helping the immune system mount a defense during times of stress.
  • Muco coccinum, a homeopathic remedy, provides gentle and effective support for adults and children in preventing and mitigating cold and flu symptoms.

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